Thursday, May 1, 2008

High-efficient "Zero Clearance" catalytic fireplaces

Today, high-efficient catalytic fireplaces are available. These EPA-certified catalytic fireplaces can be just as efficient for home heating as a good wood stove and are certified as low-emission appliances. They use the same internal technologies, as found in high-efficient catalytic wood burning stoves.

Heated air is delivered to the room in a different way than stoves. Room air is drawn in under the firebox, pass through a heat exchanger and returned to the room either through a wide grill at the top of the fireplace body or through ducts which can be routed to grills above the fireplace or into other rooms beside or behind the fireplace.

Although these EPA-certified fireplaces offer features that can meet both aesthetic and heating objectives, their installation is complicated and should be left to trained professionals.

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