Friday, August 22, 2008

Catalytic Retrofits for 6" and 8" flue size

In the mid 80's there were at least 15 catalytic retrofit manufacturers in the United States. However, with the coming of new EPA-certified wood burning stoves, retrofit were sold less and less. Most of these manufactures are gone today, but I know of one one model is still sold today.
The Cat-1000, as it is called today, can still be purchased by contacting Woodman's Parts Plus. They manufacture a retrofit that fits in a 6" or 8" flue size. This catalytic retrofit has been around for many years.

Catalytic retrofits have been tested by several independent testing laboratories over the years.
Results showed the that some catalytic retrofits decreased Burn rate KG/hr by 50.8% and Particulate emissions by 49%, while increasing Thermal efficiency by 9.2% when used on a pre-phase I, non-catalytic wood burning stove.

For more information on the Cat-1000, contact Woodman's Parts Plus:

Woodman's Parts Plus
P.O. Box 186
587 Pine River Pond Road
East Wakefield, NH 03830
(603) 522-8216 or


missioncreek2 said...

I have an Earthstove 710 serial 00438. I've heard that they are 50% thermally efficient. I burn 13 cords of wood a year. Will the CAT 1000 make my stove 55% efficient, or 59% efficient? Will the CAT 1000 produce enough heat that a stack robber above it would help too?

Tim Cork said...

Thank you for the question.
This product is sold by Woodman's Parts Plus in East Wakefield, NH.
The following comment is made by them on the CAT 1000:
Catalytic Add-on Stove Damper
The CAT-1000 burns the smoke that would normally escape out the chimney in the form of uncombusted wood smoke. By burning these gases, the heat output is increased by as much as 30% with the same amount of wood. The CAT-1000 also reduces the creosote and pollutants considerably. END

When you talk about efficiency, your talking about the heat being delivered from a stove back into the living area. I'm not really sure this type of retrofit, when used by its self, will increase efficiency as much as it does in reducing pollution from the fire gases being produced in the firebox. (Note that I said when used alone)
If you are using a stack robber above the retrofit, you will certainly get more clean heat being exhausted from the retrofit and passing on to the stack robber.
The combustor within the retrofit will exhaust anywhere from 1000 degrees F. to 1600 degrees F.of temperature when the firebox temperatures are within a range of 600 to 900 degrees.
In other words the firebox produces smoke as a fuel to feed the catalytic combustor. The combustor takes the smoke/fuel and burns it, producing much higher temperatures as mentioned above.
The primary air intakes on the front of your stove will control the temperature in the firebox.

I suggest you call Woodman's for complete details on how to install the CAT 1000 and what benefits you might get from it.
1-800-522-8216 is their toll free number.
I hope I have answered your questions and thank you again for visiting my blog site.

EddyKilowatt said...

I'm curious how this add-on catalyst gets the oxygen it needs to promote combustion.

Does it have its own provision to mix secondary air in with the smoke coming from the stove, or does it rely on unused air being 'left over' from the primary burn in the stove?

David said...

Tim, I was reading about your suggestion to use the cat-1000 for a retrofit catalytic on older stoves. I called the company in question and recieved very little technical information. I have a fisher grand mama bear and would like to retrofit it but I am confused at the process. The only exposed piping in my situat runs horizontally from the stove to the "chimney", they said I could not use this product horizontally. Is this true and if so is there a product that can be installed in the firebox?

Cindy Dy said...

So happy to be given a privilege to post a comment here. You have a wonderful site. Thank you for the effort to publish this.

Unknown said...

I have a Deka 521FB I would like to use this add on combuster to reduce the amount of smoke from my chimney I run my flue at 300° normally as the furnace is a bit big for my house.will this work to to reduce most of my smoke and creosote problem?