Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catalytic combustor temperature ranges.

Combustor temperatures can become extremely hot during operation.

And temperatures above 1800 degrees F. will damage the catalyst.

Temperatures between 1400 to 1600 degrees F. are normal, but temperatures between 1200 degrees F to 1400 degrees F. are recommended.


Ron said...

Hi Tim;
I have an older stove, not air tight. Flue has good draft. Waht do you think of an ad on combustor such as this one?

Tim Cork said...

Hi Ron,
I guess I would first ask what you want to do with it and what kind of retrofit are you considering.

If you are looking to reduce pollution outside....the Cat 1000 is your solution.
If you are looking to get more BTU's out of your stove....you need to look at a heat reclaimer type retrofit.

Got to my home page and type Retrofit in the SHEARCH box. Here you will find some information on the Cat 1000 model. Woodman's also has the heat reclaimer models I believe.

Anonymous said...

If the catalytic combuster is working well then the chimney should be cleaner.

The BBF wood stove says to check the chimney once a month.

If I clean the chimney how does the creosote fall past the bypass valve when it's open.

From the image you give for the catalytic combuster it looks like the creosote cleaned from the chimney would fall into the combuster and not into the stove itself to be cleaned out.

So is it better to just wait till the professional Chimney Sweep cleans the chimney once a year?

Or is there some trick to clean the chimney with this bypass valve? I would image the chimney sweep uses a vacuum cleaner up into the catalyst chamber somehow.