Friday, February 27, 2009

Startup and refueling your stove.

During the startup of a cold catalytic stove, a medium to high firing rate must be maintained for 20 to 30 minutes to insure that the stove, combustor and fuel are all stabilized at proper operating temperatures. Even though it's possible to have gas temperatures reach 600° F. (320° C.) within two or three minutes after a fire is started, if the fire is turned down immediately to low-fire conditions, it will result in either the fire or the combustor going out.

At the end of a burning cycle, it's possible that the amount of burning charcoal might not provide sufficient temperatures or fuel for the catalyst.

During the refueling of a hot stove that has an internal firebox temperature below 500° F. (260° C.), it is our recommendation that the stove be fired for about 10 minutes to ensure that the catalyst reaches 600° F. (320° C.). Doing this will ensure sufficient temperatures and proper amounts of volatiles for the catalyst operation.

When refueling a hot stove that has an internal firebox temperature above 500° F. (260° C.), no re-firing step is necessary.

Just open the bypass damper and load your fuel. The bypass damper can be closed immediately, as long as the fuel is free from any form of moisture.

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