Friday, February 25, 2011

EPA-certified stove labels. Read them before buying your appliance.

All certified woodstoves offered for sale will have a permanent and a temporary label indicating that the stoves are EPA-certified. The temporary label will also contain information that you will find useful when shopping for a new stove.

The label will tell you generally how clean and how efficient each woodstove is. However, because regulations require all new stoves to burn much cleaner and more efficiently than unregulated woodstoves, there should not be significant differences in efficiency and emissions performance among the certified catalytic models. This holds true for the non-catalytic models as well.

The label will also indicate which stoves are equipped with catalytic combustors.
Be a smart shopper and compare labels before buying.

Information on the labels will help you when selecting a stove for your needs. Its heat output range or its efficiency. Use this information to help select the right size stove for the space you will be heating.

Sample labels:

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