Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Proven facts about catalytic wood burning appliances

Today’s catalytic wood burning appliances deliver 72% or better heating efficiency.

This means that 72% of the energy available in the wood is delivered to the surrounding living area.

In addition to the 72% heating efficiency, catalytic wood burning appliances built today will…
- they reduce air pollution by up to 90%
- they reduce creosote build-up. (up to 90% reduction)
- they generate up to 50% more useful heat from each log.
(this means longer burns per load)
- and they save the consumer up to 1/3 on their fuel cost.
(that's one less cord out of every three)

It is important to keep the catalytic combustor in top working condition for the best efficiency of your wood burning appliance.


Admin said...
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Admin said...

Some stoves have effectively "self-cleaning glass". If you open up the air on the stove and get a hot roaring fire going very often the worst of the soot will burn off over the space of half an hour or so. The key is to use very dry wood and allow plenty of air into the firebox. This is unlikely to work in older models of wood burning stoves as they may not reach the necessary temperatures or have airflows in the right places.

Anonymous said...

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