Friday, September 23, 2011

What makes a woodstove clean burning?

Wood smoke is unburned fuel, some of which accumulates in your chimney as creosote while the remainder exits the stack as smoke. The key to reducing air pollution from woodstoves is to burn fuel more completely.
Three things make a stove clean burning:
a. How it is designed.
b. How it is installed.
c. How it is operated.

Some stove manufacturers use catalytic combustors to burn fuel more completely while others use a variety of design features such as baffles, secondary combustion chambers, and introduction of secondary air.

EPA-certified stoves offer 70 to 90 percent reduction of particulate matter over the older conventional model stoves. This is based on laboratory testing.


Jessica said...

Wood stove or houtkachel can be defined as the appliance that is wither made up of steel or cast iron and it uses wood as its fuel. At times the stoves can be attached to a blower that would help to keep the surroundings smoke free. Nowadays wood heating is becoming increasingly popular since it provides sufficient heat and new technologies have helped wood stoves to get over its drawbacks. But then with the newer technologies coming in the block the procedures have become much more complicated than before.

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