Friday, December 13, 2013

Types of trees used as firewood. Part 1 - (Coniferous trees)

Deciduous trees will be posted on 12-18-2013

Most conifers are evergreens, or softwoods, and they produce seeds within cones.

Conifers usually have needles which they shed, but not all at once, and they remain green throughout the year. Softwoods light easily and make a good fire, but they burn fast and leave few coals.

General areas in the United States where they may be found.

Coniferous Trees:
Cedar, incense-Pacific coast; Rocky Mountain
Cedar, red-Pacific coast; Rocky Mountain; east; central
Cedar, white-northern
Fir, balsam-Pacific coast; northern
Fir, Douglas-Pacific coast; Rocky Mountain
Fir, white-Rocky Mountain; northern
Hemlock, western-Pacific Coast
Larch, western-Rocky Mountain
Pine, jack-northern
Pine, longleaf-southern
Pine, lodgepole-Rocky Mountain
Pine, ponderosa-Rocky Mountain
Pine, red-northern
Pine, shortleaf-east; central; southern
Pine, slash-southern
Pine, sugar-Pacific coast; Rocky Mountain
Pine, Virginia-east; central
Pine, white-Rocky Mountain; east; central; northern
Redwood-Pacific coast
Spruce, Englemann-Rocky Mountain
Spruce, northern-northern
Spruce, Sitka-Pacific coast

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