Friday, May 13, 2016

About your fireplace.

Most fireplaces are not good heaters.

Most fireplaces rob your house of heat because they draw air from the room and send it up the chimney!

Yes, you'll be warmed if you sit within six feet of the fire, but the rest of the house is getting cooler as outdoor air leaks in to replace warm air going up the chimney.
Most fireplaces waste wood because of unrestricted airflow. A lot of air helps the fire burn fast, but a load of wood will last only one or two hours.
The key to burning clean and hot is to control the airflow. 
Some older fireplaces actually pollute more if glass doors are added to an old fireplace that is not certified as a clean burning model. Restricting the air supply causes the fire to smolder and smoke.
The best solution is to install a new certified clean-burning fireplace insert.

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