Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why a FIRECAT catalytic combustor is the best you can buy.

Over the years, I have talked to thousands of consumers that have had FIRECAT catalytic combustors lasting for up to 10 years or more and the units were still working on the day they called me.

Easy to see why FIRECAT combustors are offered to consumers with a 6 year prorated warranty from the date they buy a new catalytic appliance.


 1. FIRECAT catalytic combustors are made of high temperature, honeycomb ceramic and will take up to 2400 degrees F. before they reach, what I call a glazing point. Naturally, the stove will never reach this kind of operating temperature to destroy the combustor. They are durable and hold up well under proper operating methods.

 Flame impingement and thermal shock, not normal operating methods, can be another story altogether. This will be addressed in later postings.

 2. FIRECAT combustors are coated with noble metals that act as the catalyst. They never go away or wear out. Only ageing, abuse or improper operating of the stove will stop them from doing their job.

 3. FIRECAT combustors can save the stove owner a lot of money over the years.

 Consider fuel costs alone. (as much as 1 less cord out of every 3)

By burning low, they will save on fuel costs and best of all with no sacrifice of BTU output.

The FIRECAT combustor will produce temperatures that are at least twice that of the firebox. Therefore, they don't need high flames in the firebox to produce heat to keep warm. In other words, the catalytic combustor is your heat source.

When looking to buy a new wood burning stove, check out the catalytic stove's for their efficiency and do some comparing before you buy.

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