Friday, January 4, 2019

Catalytic combustors and catalytic wood burning appliances.

Starting Monday January 7, 2019
I will begin posting articles on catalytic combustors and catalytic stoves in a manner that will allow a better understanding of catalytic combustors and catalytic wood burning appliances. 
I will start by covering the history that lead up to these modern day appliances and why they became so popular.
If you’re thinking about buying a new catalytic appliance, you will understand why they are such a good buy and you will also understand how simple they are to operate. 

Why am I doing this?  Because I have spent 30 years working with wood stove manufacturers, independent stove testing companies and with the U.S. EPA in the wood burning stove industry.  I have spent countless hours working with consumers, dealers and distributors as a sales engineer for Applied Ceramics Inc., the leading manufacturer of catalytic combustors for wood burning appliances.  I am retired now and want to continue educating people on what I feel is the best heating value for their money.  I too am a consumer and I want the truth when buying a product.  I want the same for you and I have no reason to feed you false information, just the facts.

Please stay with me through the year as I post articles every three days on understand everything you should know about catalytic wood burning.

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