Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Certified woodstove testing laboratories

Independent laboratories test wood stoves for certification by the EPA Wood Heater Program. EPA accredits these laboratories to conduct wood stove certification testing in accordance with EPA reference method 28, method 28A and sampling protocols Reference methods 5G, 5H, 5G1.
There are four accredited testing laboratories in the United States and one in Canada.

OMNI Environmental Services, Inc. Post Office Box 743 Beaverton, Oregon 97075 Telephone - 503-643-3788 FAX - 503-643-3799 Contact - Paul Tiegs

Intertek Testing Services, Inc. (ITS, Wisconsin) 8431 Murphy DriveMiddleton, WI 53562 Telephone - 608- 836-4400 FAX - 608-831-9279
Contact - Dan Striebel, Rick Curkeet, PE

Myren Consulting, Inc. 512 Williams Lake Road Colville, WA 99114
Telephone - 509-684-1154 FAX: 509-685-2262 Contact - Ben Myren

Lokee Testing Laboratory 13235 Prairie Circle EastSumner, WA 98390-7250
Telephone - 360-897-9685 FAX - 360-897-9357 Contact - Chip Waddington

Intertek Testing Servs., (ITS, Quebec) 1829 32nd Ave. Lachene, Quebec Can. H8T3J1
Telephone - 514-631-3100 FAX - 514-631-1133 Contact - Claude Pelland

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RE: Certified woodstove testing laboratories
I always thought UL was an approved or certified testing laboratory. Is that no longer?

Thanks for a great site!