Friday, October 24, 2008

EPA certified stove labels

All certified woodstoves offered for sale will have a permanent and a temporary label indicating that the stoves are EPA-certified. The temporary label will also contain information that you will find useful when shopping for a new stove. The label will tell you generally how clean and how efficient each woodstove is.
However, because regulations require all new stoves to burn much cleaner and more efficiently than unregulated woodstoves, there should not be significant differences in efficiency and emissions performance among the certified catalytic models. This holds true for the non-catalytic models as well.

The label will also indicate which stoves are equipped with catalytic combustors.
Perhaps the most important information on the label you will need when selecting a stove is the heat output range.

Use this information to help select the right size stove for the space you will be heating.


Michael said...

I am looking for information on where to install my new Fire cat on my Vigilant stove. It is an 8" flue model and I need to know where to install it on the pipe above the stove (how far away from the stove connection) and also how I might install a by-pass. Thanks for any info.

Mike Ballinger
The Dalles, Oregon

Tim Cork said...

Hi Michael,
I take it you have bought a catalytic retrofit unit. Usually the store selling the unit will give instructions on how to install it.
However, it is important to position the unit in the flue where it will receive at least 500 degress of temperature to allow the combustor to light-off. The combustor will need this temperature for at least 20 to 30 minutes while it is in a by-pass position. This allows the unit time to light off without becoming clogged with fly ash and creosote.
It is also important that the unit is not placed where flames from the firebox will come in contact with the unit. This will destroy the combustor within the unit.
If you are just wanting to place a combustor in the 8" flue, I do not suggest doing so. There are to many things to consider. Like how will the combustor receive the secondary air it needs to operate.

I suggest, to contact Woodman's Parts Plus by clicking on their website from my home page.
To learn more about retrofits, read my article on them by typing in the word "retrofits" in the search box on my home page.
Thanks for the questions and I hope this will help you.